The Never Drill Again System


Traditionally when it comes time to fit the towel rails, the toilet roll holder, a shelf in the shower, etc the installer will take out their drill and start the arduous task of attempting to drill through your precious tiles/natural stones without damaging any of their work.  This process can take hours, a lot of sweat, multiple drill bits and a few curse words.  This is where we come along.

You don't want cracked tiles, filthy silicon in your expansion join, risk hitting plumbing/electrical lines behind the wall, broken drill bits, stress ulcers and most importantly; your bathroom accessories falling off the wall.  That's why instead of drilling through the surface to attach your bracket, we introduce a patented system using the same adhesive used in the airline/automobile industry to help you Never Drill Again.


Touted 'The bond that lasts a lifetime', a Never Drill Again soap dish adapter can withstand 1280N of force, and hold weights of up to 130kg.  That is a HEAVY bar of soap (Or roughly 760 bars of regular soap). Furthermore, with accessories that have larger mounting brackets, or multiple brackets, the strength goes up!  We have just got in balance assist rails...  now that is exciting!


As asked in the FAQs, "Won't it just fall off after a number of weeks?" the answer is No it wont! once the Never Drill Again system has been properly attached, its special single-component adhesive will ensure a permanent bond. Moreover, it will retain its elasticity and not fray the way many textile adhesive tapes do after only a few weeks. Moreover, short impact loads will not cause the adhesive surface to crack, as often happens with two-component adhesives that harden to form a crystalline connection. You’ll find that the Never Drill Again system is a totally new experience in bonding technology! (They wouldn't use this kind of adhesive on airplanes if it just fell off...)


With the Never Drill Again Australia system, all you do is ensure the surface is clean, peel off the double sided tape foil, place the bracket where you want the accessory and squeeze the adhesive through the large hole until it comes through the small hole.  Unlike a silicon the adhesive requires 12 hours and air to set, that should tell you how strong it is. It is actually stronger than drilling anything in.

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And if you do wish to remove it, take off the accessory and using a pair of multi grips, just twist the bracket until the adhesive bond is broken, any excess can be removed with a scraper or if its a rough surface, use silicon remover/acetone and a coarse brush.  The best thing is, unlike your screwed in accessory, there are no holes in the wall.

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This isn't just another stick on range or suction for a temporary fix.  It is suitable for DIY'er, but this is serious permanent solution and is BETTER than drilling anything in.


Never Drill Again can be used on tiles, natural stone, concrete, glass, metal.  Pretty much any surface that can support itself.  This does however mean the weight rating will be drastically lowered if installed directly onto plaster or painted surfaces as they cannot support themselves. But this does open up a world of opportunities.  Want to install a toilet roll holder or towel rail directly onto your shower screen?  A handshower bracket outside?  A swinging arm tea towel rail onto your splashback in the kitchen? a magnifyting makeup mirror ON your current mirror? All now possible too.


Please see MSDS below.

Never Drill Again Australia Material Safety Data Sheet